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Building Your First Skincare Routine – The Millennial Edition

As millennials trying to adult, we’ve got it hard. This cruel, cruel world expects us to socialise, text people back, exercise, work, get at least 8 hours sleep, and then after all of that, have a skincare routine. That’s really tough to manage, especially when you don’t have the foggiest clue where to start when it comes to taking care of that beautiful face of yours. In an ideal world, you could do a quick pass with a face wipe, but when you want to look like you’re glowing from within while pretending to conquer other aspects of your adult life, like paying your rent and taking the bins out, a face wipe simply will not do; so here I give you the definitive guide to your first ever skincare routine. I’ll stick to the basics because, for now, we’ve got enough on our plates.

The Cleanse

Our first step is a cleanser. A cleanser, is almost always the first step to your skincare routine that simply involves putting it on and taking it off immediately. It’s there to remove all traces of makeup from your skin, as well as any pollutants from the day. i.e. dirt, oil and grossest of all, dead skin cells; all of which can lead to pesky breakouts. Unless otherwise directed, apply your cleanser to dry or damp skin, working it in to lift the grub out. Follow by splashing with water to purge the dirt! I would also recommend gently wiping with a face cloth for added effect when removing the cleanser!

The Optional Tone

Next up, we’ve got toner. Toner, toner, toner, we’re all told to use it but do you honestly know what its purpose is? A ‘toner’ is effectively a cleanser’s wingman. Toners double check that the cleanser has done an alright job. It removes any residues that the cleanser may have missed. A good toner will also help to reinstate the PH balance lost after cleansing - what a good mate. Again, unless otherwise directed, saturate a soft cotton pad with product and gently wipe in long sweeping motions, upwards and outwards. Begin at your forehead and follow the contours of your face before finishing with your neck.

The Potent Serum

After that comes the best step (slightly biased), the serum. Drum rolls and trumpet sound bites please for our very own Lumilixir Serum. Serums may seem like they cropped up unannounced in the skincare industry. In reality, they have been around for a long time and are only just getting the attention they deserve, but the great news is that they are here to stay. The goal for a serum is delivering potent and powerful active ingredients straight into the skin. But how do they do that I hear you scream? Well, stranger, serums are made up of smaller molecules meaning that they penetrate far deeper into the skin. Really, it’s science! So, with the Lumilixir, we’ve created a concentrate of Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid that penetrates far deeper into the skin than any moisturiser can, targeting dull and dehydrated complexions leaving those lovely cheeks of yours plump & radiant. Learn more about and shop the Lumilixir Serum here.

The Moisturiser

The final step in this beginner routine is to moisturise. As obvious as it might seem, the merits of this step are often overlooked. A good moisturiser will hydrate the skin. A good moisturiser will also reinforce the natural skin barrier keeping the goodies in and the baddies out. Beyond that, a good moisturiser will leave your skin feeling ultra soft and comfortable for hours, if not a full day after application. We all apply moisturiser but how many of us are applying the right way? It may seem like the easiest thing in the world, but there is a correct and incorrect way to do it. Always apply your moisturiser in an upwards motion, lifting the skin using light gentle strokes instead of dragging it down.

And there you have it, adult-ing at it’s finest! You can pretty much keep it simple with these four steps every day for the rest of your life!



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Mary Garza

Mary Garza

June 17, 2019

I have dry skin from half my face nose down and combination skin nose up. I’ve tried almost every thing out there. Do you have something that’ll help me??

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