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The Mabel + Meg Guide To Getting Out Of The House In Approximately 11 Minutes.

Let me set the scene. Work starts at 9:30am, someone thought it would be a good idea to watch season two of Stranger Things the whole way through for the second time in two weeks which means instead of resting your lovely little eyes you had them glued to the screen at half 3 in the morning, as you tried to work out if having this large of a crush on Jim Hopper is one – normal, 2 - healthy. You wake up at 8:45am in a flood of panic, but first, coffee, as every cliché quote and slogan t-shirt mustbe right.

You allocate yourself 11 minutes in the mirror to not look like you’ve done a Will Byers & got trapped in the upside down for a little too long (truly excuse the Stranger Things references). We all know that 11 minutes doesn’t mean you’re going to be leaving the house with a spotlight eye, and your face baked to perfection. We have to be realistic with what this, now, ten minutes is going to give us: the barely there makeup look, the amount of makeup that just about covers us from the (always perfectly well rested) girl looking at us from across the desk, tilting their head like a pug and not at allin a judgmental tone to enquire: “are you okay? You look tired”. Talking from personal experience here, Fran? Nope not at all…

First, let’s combat those under-eyes. Our Enchanter Eye Serum is the perfect accomplice for making you feel awake. Both visibly and from within, the caffeine acts to reduce any puffiness, whilst using a cooling technology that leaves you feeling far more refreshed than prior. For this guy, all you need to do is take one pump, smooth it into the contours of your eyes, and then press in the product.

You can then follow up with our ohhh so dewy Aetherial Delicate Day Cream, which will leave you feeling all soft and supple, and ready for the next step!

For times like these, matte or powder products are not your friend. However, the dewier the better. For the base, I would suggest a lower coverage on the foundation, the higher coverage the more likely it will be to look rushed. Not a girl who has a low coverage foundation to hand? Try mixing your foundation with the Aetherial Day Cream, and even some of our famous Lumilixr, like we said, the dewier the better. As we’ve taken care of our skincare first, as my mum likes to call it “the slap” will apply much more evenly!

Now, we’re at a huge cross roads of getting ready, a cross roads that will either add on a good four minutes at-least or save you a nice 240 seconds to scoff your Fruit & Fibre. These cross-roads being: contour & brows. I wishI could be the girl who could leave the house safe in the fact she could be mistaken for a moon, a rice cake or anything else round for that matter. But I am not, I merely am a rice-cake face and for that reason I must contour prior to leaving the house. I suggest continuing with using cream products for this step. And for brows the first step is always acceptance: your brows just won’t look good today & that is okay. For predicaments like these I tend to stencil out the bottom line of my brow and then go through my brows with a brow gel, combing them upwards. The goal is to make them look as full as possible, because if I can’t have an “Instagram brow” I may as-well try and rival Cara Delavigne in the brow stakes. Two steps left before you can leg it out of the house (depending on whether you are dressed at that moment in time) Lips and eyes. Keep it simple. Nude lip and one coat of mascara. And whatever you do, do not get mascara on your eyelids. That gives the getting-ready-dash-derby away.

And there you have it, you may not be ready for date night, but you sure as hell look awake. And if anyone inquires as to your lack of makeup merely state you were going for an editorial ethereal look…did they not look at the makeup trends from fashion week this season? Pfft, amateurs.



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