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Why You Shouldn't Worry About Fragrance In Skincare

It’s estimated that only a small amount of people globally suffer from a true fragrance allergy, but fragrance in skincare can get some real flack.




Well, there are a number of factors that feed in to the hype - such as ‘dermatologically backed’ products/brands aimed at skin conditions really pushing the narrative (because people with sensitive skin are more likely to react to fragrance, right? Well; perhaps not, but best to side with caution if you’re a dermatologist)


People have been lead to believe that fragrances are sensitising and always made with essential oils, which isn’t true. Some fragrances are made from naturally pleasant smelling ingredients, and some essential oils are not sensitising!


Often people will raise a point that fragrance in skincare is unnecessary and brings no value - we would say this is incorrect. Skincare is as much to be enjoyed as it is to treat different skin problems, and fragrance can really lift your routine to that next self-care level. Who doesn’t automatically take a big sniff of a new product?! For some, it’s all about the experience.   


Having said that - if YOU don’t really like fragrance in your skincare, that’s absolutely OK, but the truth is that either way, fragrance really doesn’t need to be feared or avoided. If you do like fragrance on your skincare, then go ahead and enjoy, because it is very likely that it won't be a problem for you.

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