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Ceramides - A quickstart guide!

Ceramides – they’re amazing, but you knew that, right? Well, if you didn’t then consider yourself forgiven. They are super common in skincare products, but most people aren’t aware of their existence and the key role they play in the performance of your products!

The term “Ceramide” refers to a whole category of fatty-acid molecules that make up a large part of our natural skin barrier. Ceramides are essentially the glue that holds our skin cells together to keep our skin barrier intact and healthy. A healthy skin barrier helps seal in moisture and seal out impurities. The ultimate goal of most skincare routines is to have skin that is clear, healthy and resilient to the signs of aging, and ceramides really help us to achieve that.

You’re probably wondering, if ceramides already exist in our skin, why bother to put them in skincare?

Well, younger skin produces lots of ceramides, but as we get older, our skin becomes less capable of producing these fatty acids, so one of the best ways to get them is through quality skincare. The ceramides that are increasingly part of skincare formulas can help to replenish the ceramides in the skin, improving texture and moisture.

Properly formulated skincare products that contain ceramides will almost certainly help to strengthen your skin’s barrier and improve hydration. Our Hydralixir Serum, Surface Sealing Lotion and Silk Slumber Night Balm are rich in ceramides with Silk Slumber also containing the ceramide precursor phytosphingosine, which can actually signal the skin to produce more ceramides of its own!

Possibly the best part about Ceramides is the fact that they play nicely with other ingredients such as Hydroxy acids that exfoliate the skin or humectants such as Glycerin and Hyaluronic Acid that enrich the skin with moisture. This makes them an excellent addition to a functional skincare routine.

We thought it would be cool to offer something to the readers of our blog, so we’ve created a 10% discount code that is only shared here on this page. Use CERAMIDE for 10% off Hydralixir, Surface or Silk Slumber!

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