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Summer Skincare - Do's And Don'ts.

OK, so if there was ever a time where it’s more acceptable to go ‘free and easy’ with your skincare routine, warm weather and clear skies is probably the one… apart from SPF!! Apply that SPF like your life depends on it friends.


You can cut your routine down (if you want to), to the staples such as cleanser, serum, moisturiser, SPF. You don’t need heavy creams, face masks, 10 layers of essences, because you will likely feel weighed down in the heat, and that also makes reapplying SPF even harder throughout the day.


Be careful with AHA’s, retinols, etc when the sun is beaming, because your skin is that much more exposed when you use these types of ingredients. That doesn’t mean don’t,but you DO need to be very strict with applying… you guessed it – SPF, if you are using chemical exfoliants and/or retinols.


Here's an example AM routine for Summer:

Cleanse with a mild cleanser

Vitamin C Serum

Lightweight moisturiser with hydrating ingredients (think Hyaluronic Acid, Squalane, Propanediol)

Your SPF of choice


Here's an example PM routine for Summer:

Cleanse with a cleanser that can tackle SPF and grime from the day

Serum of choice (to meet your specific concerns)

Lightweight moisturiser with emoliating ingredients (think Ceramides, Allantion, Oils)





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