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BOTOX... Should you consider it?

Botox is on of those things that people get done and then don't talk about it, leaving us whispering behind our hands "has she? hasn't she?", but perhaps it's something that we should talk more openly about, and reduce the secrecy surrounding it.

Generally, people opt for Botox to counteract the inevitable signs of ageing, such as lines on the forehead, wrinkles around the lips, and those difficult to combat 'crow's feet' around the eyes.

We put together some pros and cons to think about...


  • Lessens deep wrinkles
  • Non-permanent
  • Can treat unique skincare concerns
  • Quick + (mostly) painless
  • Can do what skincare can't...


  • Costly
  • Temporary
  • Lack of 'normal' facial expression
  • Potentially addictive


Interestingly,  there was a study that showed people with botox had a harder time discerning how they were feeling - suggesting that there's a connection between our mood and our facial expressions. This might not be something you are particularly worried about, but it's always worth considering.

In summary - Botox isn't for everyone, but it seems to be relatively safe. You can achieve a 'smooth' complexion in a way that wouldn't be achievable with skincare alone, but top ups are required. Generally speaking, it's probably a 'you-do-you' situation, and at home skincare should always be used as well as something invasive like injectables.


Have you considered Botox before?



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